Here is our story, the road to Relish the Thought

Relish the Thought established in 2007 has taken the next step of creating a collection of some greatest tasting preserves in New Zealand

We are proud to be completely hands-on from selecting our growers to cooking our preserves and delivering to our customers. With passion in every jar, Relish the Thought expresses who we are and our love of delicious food.

We believe that it is important to know where our food comes from. We collaborate with local growers and talents to create our delectable range of handmade jams and relishes that pay respect to the produce and traditional cooking methods.

Our products contain no artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives. We love making our preserves and strive to do the best for our customers. We think our products are so well loved because from vine to jar, we have taken care to be true to our customers and our values.

Good, honest, delicious – Relish the Thought